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“HOMITEL is a contemporary lifestyle 30 rooms hotel — mixing home and hotel concepts with Thai fabric decoration to create a warming and comforting stay…”

HOMITEL starts with the two simple words "Home + Hotel".

It is a basic name, but the meaning of the word "Home" means a lot to the owner and founder

Jutika Krongmongkolkul

"HOMITEL" started from the dream of a young woman, Jutika Krongmongkolkul, who has worked hard to convince her family to invest in this hotel business. Her family disagreed at the beginning as she was born into a family that has only invested in real estate and textile industries and that she had no knowledge of the hotel. However, based on her traveling experiences, she kept a lot of information from every hotel she has visited in various countries, and combined these experiences with her love and interest in fashion and Thai fabric to create HOMITEL.

HOMITEL is full of love and dream.

As a result, the design of this hotel is meaningful and was designed delicately.

Starting with HOMITEL's color, logo, and pattern themes.

- The signature blue color derived from a type of Thai fabric called "Hom", which has a unique shade of dark blue.

- The logo was constructed from a pattern in the weaving technique called "Sai-fon", meaning "rain pattern" in English.

All of these elements were decorated at the hotel lobby. The wall at the reception hall simulates the flow of fabric. The pillars are representing weaving technique, and the front signage of each room is decorated with Thai fabric from each region.

Additionally, what HOMITEL focuses on is relaxation. It was designed to be a great place to relax on a comfortable bed with a homely atmosphere. This is a gift that HOMITEL would like to offer every guest.

The term "Home" for Jutika is an experience, love and warmth of the family that she would like to share to her guests through HOMITEL Bangkok.

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